Top 6 Jobs for Retirees To do

Written By Thomas Curry | Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Top 6 Jobs for Retirees To do

Many people always dream of having nice times, catching fun and having time for themselves whenever there is a chance to do so. But the story changes when retirement time set in.

Potential retirees are caught with the fear of the unknown such as being lonely at home for a period, low incomes, and as well as fear of being taking away from the workforce.

However, retirement is unavoidable! Once you get to the stage, there is no way to it. But leaving the workforce doesn’t mean you are no more employable. There are many jobs you can take up after your retirement.

Apart from earning additional income from the job, there are other advantages of working during your retirement. Some of these reasons include staying physically and mentally fit, prevent idleness, and keep you active in the system. These advantages put together to improve your general well being and can help you stay longer in good health.

You may not necessarily need a stressful job like your regular 8 to 5 job; you may wish to take up a job in your field with less stress,  fewer hours, and more flexibility than a regular job.

Look for a job that gives you rest of mind and does not require much stress and energy. We have researched some of the jobs you can do after your retirement from service.

Read through and find one that fits your post-retirement lifestyle. But before then, let’s expatiate on the benefits of working during retirement.

What are the Benefits of Working during Retirement?

Before deciding whether to find a job during your retirement, first find out if you really need the job. While some people might not need to bother looking for a job in their seniors, it is essential for some people to take up such employment if there is available one.

The benefits of getting a job during retirement ranging from earning additional income to preventing boredom (especially if you are a widow/widower), getting connected to the social world again amongst others.

For example, boredom can be an issue after retirement, and this can lead to other things if it persists for a long time.

Committing yourself to a job after your retirement can give you an opportunity to keep your mind alert and as well as its resulted in social interaction with co-workers.

Another benefit worthy of mentioning is fitness. If you are at home without activities, you will not be active for a long time, and this may affect your overall health.

So, for the sake of your well being and to prevent depression, get a job after retirement. Now, let’s discuss some jobs you can try after retirement.

Top Job Opportunities for Retirees

This list contains jobs that can be easily tailored to fit into your work style due to their flexible schedules. No much stress, no more boss.

You are the boss of yourself – you can schedule your duration of works, or decide the day to work or not to work. Review these various jobs for retirees and choose the one that fits into your preference:

Work as a Consultant

A consultancy career can be one of the best options for retired individuals who have the required qualifications and experience. Building a career in consulting is capable of leveraging your expertise years of connections and training.

You can set a convenient time to avoid being overstressed as experienced during service. Some of the highly demanded consultancy jobs from retirees are finance, programming, litigation, website development, and other related professionals.

Many organizations are ready to pay consultants any charges because no other benefits are involved. Though it may be rough in the beginning getting a client once you are known, you would find it lucrative.

You can start signing up on sites such as job placement firms or headhunter to start getting offers. They will only take a cut from your earnings on the site. Flyers and words of mouth can also go a long way.

Work as a Tour Guide

A tour guide is another big shot for retirees. As a Tour Guide, you enjoy an entertaining and lively job in the hospitality industry. You need to have a significant side attraction on how visitors view your city.

As a Tour Guide, your visitors will see a particular place through you. This is one of the reasons you have in-depth knowledge about a place you are introducing to the tourists. Try to open their eyes to side attractions including new artistic insights, unique places to visit, the tastiest restaurant in the city, and much more.

Tour Guide may not require advanced educational qualifications like consultancy; however, educational requirements may vary based on the location or nature of the guide.

A good Tour Guide must be friendly, ready to spend hours standing and explaining places to his or her clients, must be grounded in the historical background of the places, polite in response, etc. A typical Tour Guide earns an average of $13 per hour.

Work as a Tutor or Teaching Assistant

This is one of the prestigious jobs embraced by seniors, and it is lucrative. It is a way of keeping your brain active after retirement. The good thing about this job offer is that it is always on demand.

You can tutor in private and public schools, companies, in seminars, and workshops. You can as well apply for a tutoring job online. Just choose your niche or subject you know you can handle perfectly.

You can also teach languages online. Tutoring is an excellent means of making additional income during your retirement. It has been reviewed to be one of the versatile jobs for retirees.

However, if you fall in love with this job, you have to build yourself in terms of knowledge in your chosen field. Employers are looking for knowledgeable tutors who are experienced in the subjects you chose.

Work as a Florist

Floristry is a lucrative profession for retirees who have an interest in arranging flowers. A florist arranges flowers and other related plant elements to form pleasing designs which are mostly used at events such as birthdays, wedding ceremonies, and as well as to beautify public places.

It is a relaxed job for retirees and with huge returns. Though income may not be daily, one outing may give you up to $2,000. If you are not experienced in the job, you can take on training immediately after your retirement. Training is also available online if you will like to take one.

Work as a Pet Sitter

Pet sitting job is also a lucrative job for retirees who are lovers of pets. This service can be delivered in various ways. People such as friends, families, and neighbors are always demanding for experience pet lovers to help them take care of their pet when they are away or sometimes, walk them around the street.

They are ready to pay whatever fees charged by pet sitter in as much as he or she knows the job and has a passion for it.

Pet sitting can be an adventure thing if you really have a passion for the job. As a retiree, you could start a pet sitting business and grow it along the line, or you could as well work for an animal care company that is into such business, and from there, you could start your own pet sitting business. Another way to gain clients is to sign up as a pet sitter or dog walker on Wag or Rover.

Consider Blogging

Blogging is another way to earn extra income in your retirement. During retirement, it is assumed that you would have more time to yourself. This time can turn money if you are into blogging.

Some bloggers are earning an average income of about $1000 monthly while some even earn five times this amount. This is what some people for a living from their youth age.

However, blogging required time and dedication at a start. You don’t just make money overnight. Just choose a niche you have a passion for, and you would discover it will all be fun while you are earning your extra income.


When your retirement income or saving is not enough to take care of your senior’s life, the only option to explore is to seek a job in your retirement. While many retirees feel like going back to their jobs, some see it as a no-going area. Many concluded to get a job that can supplement their retirement incomes. There are many such jobs that retirees can do and still live a better life. Jobs during retirement are something that shouldn’t take much of your time. Remember, you are looking for a way to have additional income.

However, Moving Feedback had suggested some best jobs for retirees and discussed some ways to go about them. Look through and choose one that can go well with you. Stay tuned for more informative posts from this page!

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