Best Home Cleaning Services of 2022

Bottom Line: Our teams put in efforts and enough research to come up with this list of best home cleaning services. The quality of service deliveries has been confirmed by many consumers.

Cleaning Company Merry Maids Molly Maid The Cleaning Authority The Maids
Highlights Overall Best Best Quality Service Delivery Best Green Cleaning Best Multipurpose Service
Phone number (888) 490-4227 (800) 654-9647 (888) 658-0659 (800) 843-6243

Not many people enjoy cleaning their homes. Majority of us who enjoy making sure everywhere is properly kept don’t find it to be an easy task on our days off. Most households set aside cleaning to be done on Sunday, but there are other enjoyable things you can engage with on Sunday like reading an interesting novel you just picked up from a nearby bookstore and much more.

Maybe you don’t like cleaning but always like to have everything in order in your home; luckily, there are service providers out there that are offering this service. It is a nice idea to contract the job out to someone, and this doesn’t mean you are lazy or a bad person, it is a normal thing to do and also makes your life more enjoyable.

The major constraint here is how to know the best cleaning contractor to hire. There are varieties of cleaning services available that suit any kind of budget; examples are surface cleaning and thorough cleaning of dangerous spaces to make them livable. One of the advantages of using professional cleaning companies is that they are well equipped with special cleaning equipment and products which enables them to offer carpet steaming, window cleaning, and any other cleaning services.

Are you looking to hire the best home cleaners and don’t have an idea of how to go about it? You are at the right place. We have in the article, a list of competent, reliable, and experienced home cleaners in the country for you. These cleaning companies offer services to both small houses and big commercial establishments.

For more understanding, let’s briefly look at different types of cleaning services offered by these service providers.

Best Home Cleaning Services of 2022

In this article

The Best House Cleaning Services of 2022

There are varieties of quality cleaning services across the United States. There is a little difference between these services and the commercial/office cleaning services because they pay more focus on details.

Your home is the last place you would want to be disturbed, so to get the comfort you deserve in your home, home cleaning service is the way out.

You might not have the time to tidy up your space as you are too busy working or getting stuck in traffic. This should not get you worried at all as there are many options available for you.

Below are the best houses for cleaning companies:

1. Merry Maids

Merry Maids

This company was founded in Omaha, Nebraska by Dallen Peterson. Merry Maids offers full variety of cleaning services to customers such as green cleaning as well as a guarantee of satisfaction coupled with a free re-cleaning.

Shineffective, a maintenance product from the company has been approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to carry the label of Design for the Environment, which implies that it meets strict safety criteria. Merry Maids is ranked 38th on the Franchise 500 list by Entrepreneur magazine.

The chain became a partner with The Service Master Company, as well as Service Master Clean, Furniture Medic, Terminix, TruGreen, and AmeriSpec.

The company was founded in 1979, started its operation in 1980, and has since seen its locations increase in the past years from 1,459 in 2008 to its current number of 1,724 with 5 of it owned by the company and 695 are located outside the United States.

2. Molly Maid

Molly Maid

This company undertakes an average of two million cleaning jobs annually, and 90% of these jobs were for existing customers, which shows that they deliver quality services.

Molly Maid was founded by David McKinnon and had its operation relocated to Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1984. The company offers a variety of home cleaning services and options such as green cleaning, even though it follows its green cleaning standard strictly.

Customers enjoy the benefits that come with its cross-marketing program through other brands such as Protect Painters, Mr. Rooter, and Glass Doctor from its parent company – the Dwyer Groups. Molly Maid ranks 174th on Franchise 500 list by Entrepreneur magazines.

The company was founded in 1979 and has seen its location grown during the past decade from 421 in 2008 to the present number of 475. The entire company locations are located in the United States but are not owned by the company.

3. The Cleaning Authority

The Cleaning Authority

This company which was bought by Steve Robinson and Tim Evankovich in 1989 was originally started by its owners in 1977 in the Baltimore-Washington metro area. The company, after being bought was then developed and franchises in 1996.

The company uses a Detail-clean Rotation System to ensure the entire home is deeply cleaned at the right interval. The cleaning supplies used by this company are all environmentally friendly and sustainable.

The Cleaning Authority ranks 374th on Franchise 500 list by Entrepreneur magazine. The company was founded in 1978 and has seen its locations increased in the last decade from 180 in 2008 to 228, which is the current total. Three of the locations are company-owned, and 10 of it are located outside the country.

4. The Maids

The Maids

Daniel J. Bishop started this company in Omaha in 1980, having his janitorial company before then. He refused to go beyond 4-person cleaning crews and light yellow branded vehicles which have since become his business’s trademark.

The company offers services like seasonal cleaning, same-day cleaning, continuous cleaning, relocation cleaning, special cleaning, and occasional cleaning services.

The company has an interesting advertisement posted on its website. The Maids ranks number 46 on the Franchise 500 list by Entrepreneur magazine.

The company has seen its locations increased in the past decade from 1,059 in 2008 to 1,387 which is the current total, and 144 are owned by the company while 52 are located outside the United States.

5. Maid Brigade

Maid Brigade

This company was established in the late 1970s, and it offers many home cleaning services to clients. The company made a general commitment to its Green Clean certified system in 2007, which contains equipment and product based on the standards created by the Green Seal organization.

The company breaks down every detail about the green cleaning standards for easy understanding on its website. This makes the company one of the most eco-friendly options on our list.

Maid Brigade is ranked number 347 on the Franchise 500 list by Entrepreneur magazine. While the company was founded in 1979, it started franchising in 1980.

In recent years, the company’s location has experienced a decline in several locations from a high of 500 in 2011 to 447 which is the current total, and none of these locations is company-owned with 82 of them located outside the United States.

6. MaidPro


Mark Kushinsky and Richard Sparacio founded this company in the iconic Beacon Hill area of Boston after Kushinsky got an unsatisfying but costly service from cleaning companies.

The company will always work out cleaning plans with customers to determine the best for their needs and budget. MaidPro is ranked 80th on Franchise 500 list by Entrepreneur magazine. The company was founded in 1991 and started franchising in 1997.

The company’s location has increased during the past decade from a total of 194 in 2008 to252, which is the current total, 1 of which is company-owned while nine are located outside the United States.

7. Home Cleaning Centers of America

Home Cleaning Centers of America

This company started in the 1980s by Mike and Jeanette Calhoon. Home Cleaning Centers of America offers varieties of home cleaning services using cleaning products approved by OSHA. They only need to visit your home shortly and then provide you with quotes for regular cleaning services.

The idea behind this is that business owners who are confirmed to be successful at the home cleaning services they offer can upgrade into multi-revenue operation that includes the offering of such services as cleaning of country club, office cleaning, office cleaning, carpet cleaning, and window cleaning.

The company started franchising in 1984. The company’s locations have slightly reduced from 37 in 2008 to 32, which is the current total, and none of it is company-owned, and all located in the United States.

8. You’ve Got Maids

You’ve Got Maids

This company was founded by Frank and Cynthia Berger, whose grandparents came to the United States as immigrants and started their new lives by becoming cleaners.

The duo decided to start their own cleaning business after owning a Domino’s pizza business and opened the first business in Orlando, Florida. The business is known for its satisfaction guarantee, which allows the customer to get a re-clean if made within 24-hours.

The company also offers an outstanding 52-point spring cleaning service. The company’s location has grown rapidly to 87 as the current total, and none of it is company-owned, and all located within the United States.

9. Two Maids and a Mop

Two Maids and a Mop

This company was founded by Ron Holt after purchasing a cleaning enterprise in Birmingham, Alabama and changes its brand into Two Maids and a Mop.

The founder’s initial innovation was performance-based pay for his workers, which implies that a cleaner might be paid above industry wages if he/she gets higher ratings from customers.

To make sure customers receive a consistent cleaning service, he also created a hundred pages cleaning guide centered on room-by-room.

The company is ranked number 235 on the Franchise 500 list by Entrepreneur Magazine. The company was founded in 2003 and started franchising a decade later. The location is currently at a total of 61, and two of them are company-owned, having all the locations in the United States.

The Following Table Displays the Best Home Cleaning Services

No. The Best Home Cleaning Services in the US Website
1 Merry Maids
2 Molly Maid
3 The Cleaning Authority
4 The Maids
5 Maid Brigade
6 MaidPro
7 Home Cleaning Centers of America
8 You’ve Got Maids
9 Two Maids and a Mop

How much does House Cleaning Cost?

Price per room or hour and footage are the basis on which cleaning services charge their clients. The reason behind this is that each job has its uniqueness, and most of these professional cleaning companies will only issue a quote after they perform an on-site survey.

Deep cleaning of the house will cost an average of $130 to $280 on each project. However, the size of the home will determine the overall cleaning price.

Hourly price is being charged by some companies and is around $25/hour per person to $60/hour per person.

Below is a typical cost of home cleaning services:

Type of Cleaning Bedrooms Bathrooms Price Range
Below 600 Sq-ft – Studio Size 1 $115 to $160
Home below 1000 Sq-ft 1 1 $135 to $205
Home below 1000 Sq-ft 2 2 $210 to $260
Home below 1600 Sq-ft 1 1 $160 to $215
Home below 1600 Sq-ft 2 2 $220 to $270
Home below 1600 Sq-ft 3 3 $275 to $325
Home below 2400 Sq-ft 1 1 $170 to $225
Home below 2400 Sq-ft 2 2 $230 to $280
Home below 2400 Sq-ft 3 3 $285 to $335

Should you tip for your House Cleaner?

Sometimes we often overlook tipping our house cleaners even though we find it easier to tip our waiter, barista, and hairdresser. People always want to know if it is proper to tip their cleaner and also want to know how much is ok for them. You will find the right answer to these questions as follow.

There is absolutely no necessity in offering a tip to house cleaners who are working for you and being paid by house cleaning companies. The cleaners do not expect any form of gratuity from the clients as they are being paid by their employers.

However, it is not a bad idea to tip your cleaners who work to your satisfaction in appreciation for their efforts. Regardless of this fact, the majority of customers find it easy to tip their cleaners during a vacation in appreciation for the people who have worked for them all through the year.

Although the tip is not expected by the crew, customers do sincerely show appreciation for kindness. The best thing to do if you plan to tip is to add your tip to your means of payment.

Most cleaning companies have a policy in distributing monetary gifts received from customers all through the vacation period. They do it in such a way that cleaners who are frequent in particular homes get a huge share of the gifts.

You can choose whether to tip your house cleaners or not as this is completely your decision.

What are the Different Types of Cleaning Services?

The different types of cleaning services available for consumers are listed below, along with their basic features:

Residential Cleaning Services

This type of cleaning service comes to homes and they major in scheduled cleanings such as cleaning up your home once or regularly as scheduled by your agreement to ensure the cleanliness of your home.

Commercial Cleaning Services

These cleaning companies specialize in cleaning commercial establishments, businesses, and offices. They come to your at a scheduled time or have their team permanent in your office to ensure the cleanliness of your business environment throughout the business time. They also have the required equipment to handle large-scale residential cleaning.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services

These cleaning companies handle regular residential cleanings and also deals with making spaces safer for those with breathing or other health issues by using eco-friendly cleaning agents and not harsh chemicals.

Specialized Deep-Cleaning Services

This type of cleaning services focus on just an area of a residence or just work on a specific task. These services include window washing, boat cleaning, carpet cleaning, and car cleaning.

Damage Repair Services

Most of the cleaning services also offer damage repair service to homeowners. Homeowners can rely on these companies to help them make their flooded or fire-gutted home livable once more.

What is included in Home Cleaning Services?

According to Molly Maid, the best way to have enough rest is to make arrangements for home cleaning services that save you time, effort, and stress.

Your home should be where you feel much comfortable after having a long day at work, and home cleaning services are there to give you the best you can ever get.

They have an excellent cleaning method available that can be used in any room. A typical home cleaning service should include the following:


Your kitchen must always be given special treatment because it is the heart hub of the household. The cleaning may even start from small appliances and then your microwave’s interior, up to the drip pans, stovetop, and hood.

They will also vacuum and mop your floors after the rest of your chairs, cabinets, appliances, and tables have been wiped.

Laundry room:

The entire surfaces in this room will be wiped clean by our home cleaning services from the washer and dryer to mopping the floor.

Living room:

Your living room should be clean and comfortable every time you are there to relax. For this reason, it is one of the major focuses during home cleaning.

The service will dust and clean every angle of your living room without skipping a place. Your furniture and floor will also be vacuumed as well as under the cushions.

Dining room:

All the furniture in your home, especially in your dining room, will be given proper wiping and cleaning. The experienced cleaners will end the cleaning of the dining room by vacuuming.


Your house’s window sills, baseboards, and other surfaces in your bedroom will all be dusted to make sure you have a sound sleep at night. The hanging frames and mirrors will also be cleaned and vacuum at the end. Bedspreads can also be replaced if requested.


The cleanliness of your bathroom is so important because it is one of the most frequent rooms in your house. The service will clean all the dust and cobwebs from this room, as well as wipe clean your basins, tub, faucets, mirrors, countertops, and other areas in the room. The professional cleaning crew will clean your shower both in and out and then mop the floor after vacuuming.

Additional rooms:

They are always ready to help you clean other rooms as well. The home cleaning services are widely known to provide you with comprehensive indoor cleaning services that perfectly match any residence.

What are the Factors to Consider in a Cleaning Service?

Don’t just hire a cleaning service; hire the one that will proffer solutions to your cleaning needs. There are a number of them out there; and if care is not taken, you may end up choosing wrongly.

Here are some factors to consider to select the right companies:

Experience, Affiliations & Accreditations

This is the first consideration for choosing the best cleaning service. Find out how long they’ve been in the business, any award is given to the company, their accreditation status, and any affiliations with professional bodies. These factors make a company almost reliable and cautious of their reputation.

Scheduling Options

Customers are allowed by cleaning services to customize their needs. There are various options available to customers. Always ensure you choose the one that best fits your needs. Below are some of the scheduling options you can choose from:

  • One-time only: Some cleaning companies majorly offers one-time cleaning. Most of them focused on deep or occasional cleanings, which don’t require frequent cleaning when completed. Examples are carpet cleanings, post-relocation cleanings, and gutter cleanings.
  • Routine cleanings: This option allows customers to make a plan with the cleaning service on when precisely they want their homes or offices cleaned. The majority of customers who use this service are those who don’t have the time to clean their home as it can be used in the place of a housemaid or housekeeper.
  • Rotating cleanings: This option allows homeowners to move between large-scale deep cleanings and smaller, more concentrated cleanings. Rotating cleanings make sure cleanliness is attained and maintained for a long time after a thorough cleaning.

Team Consistency

Also, make sure you study the team consistency to know the quality of service delivery of the company. Different techniques are used by cleaning companies to choose and send out teams to customers’ spaces. These include:

  • Random cleaners: Some companies choose and deploy a team of cleaners randomly for cleaning jobs. This enables cleaners with enough time and experience to be sent by the company to handle the customers’ cleaning tasks.
  • Regular team: Cleaning companies that use static teams always deploy the same team of cleaners to the same homes to ensure familiarization between them, the customers, and space; thereby establishing a relationship between the cleaners and the customers. This also makes it possible for cleaners to understand how big space is so that the cleaning is properly done.
  • Customer selection: Many cleaning services gives customers the power to request cleaners of their choice or to give reports on cleaners and request to have them for their next cleaning or not. This is majorly aimed at the customer’s satisfaction with the team of cleaners that are sent into their home/office.

Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

The availability of required cleaning equipment and supplies is one of the major reasons people hire a professional cleaner to clean their homes or offices.

Equipment and cleaning supplies are needed by home cleaners to make sure homes are cleaned effectively.

These cleaning supplies can be found from different sources as briefly discussed below:

  • By the company: Some home cleaning companies supply cleaning supplies and equipment to their team of cleaners.
  • By the homeowner: Cleaners can be sent to customers’ spaces by home cleaning companies, relying on the customers for the provision of cleaning supplies and equipment.
  • Equipment only: The majority of cleaning companies that have high-technology equipment provide it most of the time, with the customer making provision for necessary cleaning supplies.

Specialized Services Offered

You should consider specialized services offered by the company to further dig deep into their professionalism. Some cleaning companies offer customized cleaning services for comprehensive home cleanings and/or any of the other services listed below:

  • Outdoor cleaning services: The majority of outdoor cleaning tasks such as tidying of porches, cleaning of gutters, raking of leaves, and washing of windows are being handled by cleaning companies with adequate equipment.
  • Deep-cleaning services: Some cleaning companies are offering this service to homeowners, such as drapes and tile grout cleaning.
  • Specialized cleaning services: Many home cleaning companies offer exceptional cleaning services such as chimney cleaning, chimney smoke removal, and deep carpet cleaning to homeowners.

Price Structure

There is no doubt; everyone is looking for a good deal. However, you shouldn’t place much value on cost. Ensure you understand the company’s price structure before signing any contract. There are different ways in which cleaning companies charge their customers. These include:

  • Hourly rates: Customers are required to pay cleaning companies that charge hourly rates based on the time spent on cleaning by cleaners.
  • Service fees: The majority of cleaning companies have prices allocated to each service. For instance, a flat rate will be charged on window washing regardless of the time spent on it.
  • Price schedule: Some cleaning companies charge customers based on price schedule with specific fees on comprehensive and deep cleanings. They also charge hourly fees on specific room maintenance and touch-ups.

Contract Requirements

Cleaning companies obtain a commitment from clients to purchase their services for a particular period through a contract. There are different types offered by cleaning services.

  • No contract: Some cleaning companies allow customers to use their service without signing a contract.
  • Regular cleaning contract: Cleaning companies may mandate it for customers to commit to a contract for scheduled cleanings such as weekly or monthly cleanings.
  • Specialized service contracts: Cleaning companies may require customers to sign a contract if their team of cleaners will be working on specialized services such as cleaning after the flood, so the contract can cover the entire time spent on the job.

Go through Online Reviews

Only customers that are not satisfied with the services they received are the ones that take their time to write a review about the company. Note that, in most cases, those reviews are written by those who want to demerit a particular company.

Do not consider a company with ALL bad or ALL good reviews. A company with few bad and many good reviews is still considered as a perfect one.

What are the Advantages of Hiring Cleaning Services?

The advantages of hiring home cleaners are not restricted to getting back to your home and seeing everything in place, or the job well done. Having a clean home will ensure good health, and a very important factor to be greatly considered.

We have compiled a host of information for you as you plan to invest in hiring a house cleaning service for your next home cleaning. There are many benefits associated with having a clean home and having a cleaning service do the cleaning for you. Below are the advantages of hiring a cleaning professional to clean your home:

1. Convenience

You will have enough time to spend with your loved ones, and also on other important stuff when you hire a home cleaning service to handle your cleaning task.

You will also get the chance to schedule the cleaning to when you and your family will not be disturbed. You are at the liberty of creating a cleaning plan that is best for you. You can decide on the places to be cleaned and when it should be cleaned.

You don’t necessarily need to be at home when the cleaning is ongoing. You can proceed with another task without worrying about the chores at home.

2. Well Trained and Skilled Staff

A professional cleaning service will have many well-trained and skilled staff at its disposal. The workers will be professionals that have attended much professional training and have a lot of experience.

They would have undergone proper training on how to clean commercial and residential areas and also be able to deliver a satisfying job. Their background of each employee should also be checked so you can be sure they only employ the best set of people.

3. Time

Everyone wants enough time to spend with family and friends. Take some tasks off your table to do what you enjoy. You will have enough time for important things when you hire a cleaning service.

You will not be spending your weekend cleaning your home by yourself when you hire a maid service. With this, you can have enough time to spend with your loved ones.

4. Detail-oriented

Another lovely characteristic of cleaning service is that they are detail-oriented. They make sure every hidden corner of your home is cleaned. They also take time to clean window blinds, toilet areas, baseboards, and ceiling vents. When you opt for a cleaning service, you do not need to worry as every part of your home will be cleaned.

5. Deliver Outstanding Results

The physical transformation of your space from ugly to beauty is the most physical benefit to your home or business. The amount of difference a professional cleaning maid can bring to your home or business is not quantifiable.

Your home or business will be glowing and turned to a nice and welcoming place. You are certainly going to be satisfied with the physical look of your space when handled by their experienced and professionally trained cleaners.

Their timely response is also another feature you will come to enjoy. A professional cleaning service will only leave you with great experience and nothing more.

6. Specialized Tools and Equipment

A professional cleaning service provider will be as updated as possible about the current trends in the cleaning industry. They have invested a huge part of their resources into finding the best and the latest cleaning equipment and materials currently available on the market.

A professional cleaning service should have the materials and equipment required for a variety of cleaning jobs. They will know exactly when, where, and how to use the materials equipment to deliver outstanding cleaning results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, household cleaners are happy to work based on your preferences. If there are specific rooms, or sections of rooms, which you prefer to clean yourself, the cleaning staff will ignore them.

It may be helpful if you talk with the cleaners when they first arrive at your home. Explain that you do not want them to clean some rooms, and put post-it notes on the doors of those rooms or specific furniture you do not want them to touch.

Yes, there are many cleaners that use cleaning products with all-natural and pet-friendly ingredients. It is a request you can make when you are booking your first cleaning. The agency will contact you and let you know if they can honor your request.

Do not assume that a cleaner knows to use or not use specific cleaning supplies. Always be clear in your requirements and double-check with the individuals who arrive at your home to confirm your request.

It is not a requirement for you to make a cash payment when someone comes to clean your home. Most cleaning services allow you to pay through cash, check, debit and credit cards.

If you hope to use a specific payment method, ask whether it is permitted by the company when you make your booking. Some cleaners may not bring equipment to swipe your credit card unless they know you are paying through that method.

When you pay with a check or money order, ensure you put down the correct name of the business in the “pay to” section.

No, you do not have to clean an area before the cleaners arrive – that is their job! But it would help if you de-cluttered a living space so the cleaners can better clean your furniture, sofas, and floors.

If there are personal items littered throughout the floor of a room, it would be very difficult and time-consuming for the cleaners to pick them up or vacuum around them. But you can leave any dusting, vacuuming, and another cleaning to the professionals.

Most reputable cleaning services are fully insured. It means that if they damage a piece of furniture, valuable or a structure at your home, their insurance can pay for the damages.

It is helpful if you do a quick scan-through of your home before the cleaners arrive. Then you will know if the damage to a particular item was done by the cleaners, or if it was already in that condition beforehand.

Most of the time, however, you will not have to worry about property damage as a result of home cleaning. Professional cleaners are very careful to not damage your home while they work.

The amount of time it takes cleaners to work at your residence is dependent on several factors. The size of your home or apartment and the condition of your living space make a significant difference in how long a cleaning takes.

If you have a studio apartment that is relatively tidy, cleaners may be done within the hour. In contrast, a dirty and messy three-bedroom home could take several hours.

Most cleaning services send two people for home cleaning, so you can estimate how long it would take two people to clean the various rooms of your apartment or home.


There is nothing sweeter than returning to your space after a day out with your loved ones and meet your home properly kept and arranged in order. Professional cleaning services will handle your cleaning jobs regardless of the type of space you are cleaning, whether a residential or commercial. Everything you need to know to hire a qualified and professional cleaning service provider has been discussed in this article; you only need to take your time and follow the instructions carefully so you can choose the one that perfectly suits your needs and budget.

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