Best Credit Repair Companies of 2022

Bottom Line: Our teams research hundreds of credit repair companies to come up with the best companies you can consider.

Your credit score will be significantly improved when you find a good Credit Repair Company. You have a poor credit score if you find yourself declined of loans or credit cards, and you need to get this sorted out.

A good credit repair company will help you fix your bad credit report and also provide multiple services that will give you a clear understanding of improving your credit score. Finding a reliable credit repair company can be a difficult task as there are many fakes of them out there.

The services offered by most of these credit repair companies are the same. They will help you remove any errors from your credit report as well as challenging credit agencies and creditors on behalf of their clients. Some of these companies will also attempt the removal of bankruptcies.

The best among these credit repair companies will offer credit monitoring to make sure that you don’t find yourself in any further problems. Kindly note that all of the tasks involved in managing your credit score can be handled by yourself. However, a credit repair company might be perfect for you if you don’t want to go through with this time-consuming and stressful task all by yourself.

The details of the Fair Credit Reporting Act are well-known to any credit repair company with a solid reputation. This act protects consumers from companies that deliberately add erroneous information to their credit reports or unintentionally.

However, it is essential to choose the right credit repair company to take advantage of the service. In this post, we will expose you to all you need to know to choose the best company for your needs. First and foremost, let’s briefly discuss what credit repair means.

Best Credit Repair Companies of 2022

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Top 10 Credit Repair Companies of United States

We make findings on more than 20 credit repair companies and we make comparisons between them, their pricing customer support and lot more to reduce our list to the top 10 best credit repair companies. The number one on our list is Lexington Law.

The company is equipped with the required tools and resources to aid your knowledge on credit rating reports, client dashboard that keeps you updated about the progress and reasonable prices.

Below are our picks:

1. Lexington Law

Lexington Law

Lexington Law is one of the most reputable credit repair companies. The company is equipped with experienced lawyers to handle any your case. The company offers every required service for clearing up issues regarding your credit reports.

The company operates in each state in the United States except North Carolina and Oregon. Lexington Law was founded in 1991 and majors in finding out incorrect or errors on credit reports, and disputing the credit agencies and creditors until the information is either corrected or removed.

The company also handles criminal law, family law, and civil litigation alongside credit repair. It is based in North Salt Lake, Utah and has 24 attorneys in 19 locations.

Lexington doesn’t give any guarantees, but it boasts of the removal of over ten million items from customer’s credit reports in 2017. A recent study conducted in 2014 on its old customers shows its removal of a median value of 10.4 items four months over the three credit reporting agencies.

The company has 34 reviews on Trustpilot with seventy-four percent of the reviews rating the company as excellent and eleven percent rating it as bad.

2. Sky Blue Credit

Sky Blue Credit

This company, although, is not the most affordable credit repair service we vetted, it offers a flat 3-month guarantee that enables you to cancel your service and receive a complete refund if you are not satisfied during the first 90-days.

If you cancel after that duration because you are not satisfied with the service, Sky Blue’s service does not charge you a payment on the last month.

This feature is not common as most companies of such don’t offer refunds in most cases. The company’s charges at the start of the service are a little lesser than what is being charged by other companies.

The company also doesn’t charge you before it pulls your credit report. An inclusive service plan which contains about fifteen overall disputes in any 35 days is also being offered by the company.

This implies that a total of five items are being disputed for each of the 3 credit reporting agencies within 35 days.

The fact that there is no update required to opt for additional services such as identity theft protection and credit monitoring makes this company more preferable to some companies.

The company provides you with a way of accessing your case’s progress on its online customer page even though your case will be handled by a team of workers. Other things you can do on the customer portal include pausing and cancelation of your service for 30 days.

(4.7) is one of the most widely known credit repair services, most especially, due to its easy-to-locate site. This company was founded in 1997 and is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company offers the majority of the standard services to help you identify and dispute unfair items on your credit reports.

A 3-step method, namely check-challenge-change, is being used by the company to help you fix your credit and positively influences your scores. The company boasts that old customers have their scores increases with an average of 40 points on their credit score with TransUnion within 120 days, and 70 points within 12 months.

The company reported that it had removed an average of 11.6 items from its client’s credit reports over the three agencies. It has 454 customer reviews on Trustpilot, where 68 percent rated it excellent and 11 percent rates it as bad.

4. The Credit People

The Credit People

The Credit People only has its additional commitment to customer service as they are different from other credit repair companies we researched. This is one of the leading credit repair companies we researched that is dedicated to customer satisfaction. The customer guarantee is available for both monthly and half-a-year service subscribers.

The significant feature of this company is a reasonable half-a-year service. Although, most credit repair companies offer services every month, this company provides customers with the opportunity to pay a flat-payment for six months to enjoy its service, and this comes at a reduced price of about $55 lesser than the monthly option for the same duration.

There is no restriction to the number of disputes you can make to each credit agency during your registration in the service. Among the list of places where The Credit People is lagging include discounts for small couples, no protection for identity theft, and low supply of educational materials.

The reason they fall short on this could be on purpose as the majority of these things are not explicitly required to the service; however, they are part of the best features that most repair companies offer. This company offers good services, even with its monthly rate that is lower than the industry average.

5. Pyramid Credit Repair

Pyramid Credit Repair

Pyramid Credit Repair was founded in 2015. It is one of the latest companies in the credit repair industry but has already generated a good reputation. The company has 53 customers’ reviews presently on TrustPilot, where 94 percent of the customers rate the company as excellent and only 6 percent rate it as great.

Pyramid Credit Repair offers the majority of the services required to fix your credit reports, such as disputing unfair and misleading information on your credit report. A counselor will be allocated to you when you register with Pyramid, and you won’t be required to make any payment upfront.

The company offers a dedicated account counselor that will take time and explain in details everything you need to know to improve your bad credit score via credit help and also monitors the progress of your credit fix.

The company also has in-house licensed lawyers just as Lexington Law; no other credit repair company offers this particular service. Pyramid offers monthly services, and you can cancel at any time you wish.

6. Ovation Credit Repair

Ovation Credit Repair

Lending Tree, the widely known online lender search forum acquired this company in 2018. The company offers varieties of services. Having 52 customer reviews, 73 percent rated it excellent, and 17 percent rates it as good while 8 percent rates it as bad.

Their rating on TrustPilot is 7.6/10. The company boasted that it had removed 120,000 incorrect items from credit reports and improved credit scores of an average value of 19. These can be found on the company’s website or by calling 866-639-3426.

The company offers a competitive $69 per month price for its basic plan which is considered to be among the cheapest in the credit industry even though some clients may find the entire service offering to be unsatisfying, most importantly, if they need validation letters.

The company’s reviews are good, but some other credit repair companies have better customer feedback. Although the company has not been long in the industry, the support given to it by LendingTree is so incredible. The company may be able to use their resources to better their operations over time.

7. My Credit Group

My Credit Group

My Credit Group has a median price of $89/month, but the discount it offers makes it the perfect option for two people looking for credit Repair Company. An individual case advisor is assigned to you at the start of your service and will act as your contact person all through your contract.

Your credit reports will be pulled free of charge, and they will work with you on how best to remove any negative effects from your credit report. This company disputes unfair and misleading information from your credit report with the three credit agencies just like every other credit repair company but also negotiate with your creditors.

Additional services such as identity theft protection, deletion agreement payment, credit monitoring, debt settlement, and new credit counseling are all included in MyCredit’s flat service rate. Their company’s website is not as informative and friendly as that of other credit repair companies we researched.

The company doesn’t have many educational resources to help facilitate your knowledge of credit scores. Regardless of that, this company is recommended, most especially, if you are enrolling with your partner.

Although many credit repair companies provide discounts for couples, however, MyCredit’s discount is above 30% of your overall cost over half-a-year. This implies that couples are offered a 20% discount on payment for each month as well as a 50% discount from the first work payment.

8. Credit Saint

Credit Saint

Credit Saint has an A+ rating from the BBB. The company is located in Oakland, New Jersey, and it offers three levels of service for those looking to have negative information removed from their credit reports.

Prices for this company start from $59/month to $99/month, with costly fees to begin work (between $99 and $195, depending on the service level). Credit Saint offers a three months money refund guarantee.

The company has just six reviews on TrustPilot where five consumers rate it as excellent. This company is the perfect choice for those looking for basic service or a more aggressive method.

Most consumers looking to have their credit reports in an improved condition may find this company as their perfect option even though there is no assurance that any company can perfectly remove collections, repossessions, judgments, and bankruptcies.

This company offers a competitive monthly fee, but the initial payment for the first work is costly.

9. The Credit Pros

The Credit Pros

The Credit Pros is founded by an attorney that has a deep understanding of credit reporting and client protection law. The company formerly charged customers on per-items removed, it later switched to monthly charges just like many other credit repair companies.

Clients rely on this company because it gets the job done within a short period. Credit Pros customer service is lively, as they return calls in less than 24 hours. The company’s website also contains real-time updates on the progress of customer’s work.

Customers can keep track of their work as Credit Pros continue working on it. No matter the type of credit repair it may be, this company will handle it perfectly as they have experience in almost all kinds of credit repair.

Another critical factor is that the company is always straightforward and honest with their clients. They only promise what they can deliver and also keep you in the loop as they do your work.

10. Reliant Credit Repair

Reliant Credit Repair

This company is located in New Jersey, and it set out to help customers improve their credit score and finances. Each credit report of the clients is analyzed thoroughly to locate any misleading or unfair mistakes.

Reliant Repair values transparency and legitimacy and will never attempt to remove correct items from your report and also claims that it is not an option to dispute for bankruptcy. The company will only remove incorrect and erroneous information from your credit reports.

They also offer varieties of options alongside the credit repair services. The company understands that many services support credit repair service to bring a successful outcome. The company will help you understand all you need to know about credit scores and your finance.

Companies that are looking to start a business credit can also consider this company. You will get to know the varieties of services being offered by Reliant repair when you read their customers’ feedbacks. The company also charges every month as well as a set-up fee.

The Following Table Displays The 10 best Credit Repair Companies:

How to Choose the Best Credit Repair Service?

It is reported by the FTC from one of its studies that about 5% of individuals have an error on at least a copy of their credit reports. A credit repair company can help you dispute incorrect information if the errors are more complex due to debt collectors adding more than required entries or identity theft.

These companies also partner with your creditors and the credit reporting bureaus to remove incorrect, erroneous, or unjust information from your credit reports.

Hiring a credit repair service is very important, and to this end, we have compiled a few guidelines to assist you in getting the perfect fit for your needs.

Below are the top considerations for choosing the best credit repair company:​ 

1. Reputation

Checking with the Better Business Bureau is the best way to figure out if a credit repair company has a solid reputation. Although this may not give you all you need to know, you will get to know if an unresolved complaint has been filed against the company or if the company has been tagged as fraudulent.

The next step is to check their online reputation by checking for reviews about the company online through Google. You can also check any social media as well as other reputable sites for what people are saying about the service.

2. Legal Compliance

A Credit Repair Organizations Act was passed into law by the United States government to regulate the affairs of all credit repair companies. This implies that credit repair companies that abide by these regulations can be relied on.

Those that refuse to follow the rules are probably out there to scam people. Below are the things to look out for:

  • Are you asked to pay money upfront? The act is strictly against this. The companies can only charge you after the completion of the job. They can only charge an initial fee one time.
  • Does a credit score increase guaranteed by the company? There is no guarantee of success since the credit repair companies are dealing with the three credit report agencies.
  • How easier is it to cancel? The Act mandates it for repair companies to allow consumers to cancel the services easily. This is why many of the companies offer a monthly payment plan.

3. Bonded & Insured

A reputable credit repair company must be bonded and have a proper insurance plan in place. Since they have personal and sensitive information from their clients with them, they have to provide bonding and insurance to help protects customer’s information from being compromised.

4. Free Consultation

A free consultation will be offered to you by a good credit repair company before they begin your work. If they fail to do this, then you might have to go to another company. If they cannot determine your past situation to determine if you are a perfect fit, then they have no way of knowing if they can render the help you seek.

5. Educational Resources

Good credit repair companies provide a variety of educational materials to help customers understand what credit scores, credit laws, credit, and credit reporting are all about. It is very helpful to have all the information you need in a single place, most especially, when you have not much knowledge about credit.

This will save you from conducting personal research. Companies that offer different educational resources are preferable as individuals learn in different ways. For instance, Lexington Law offers eBooks, articles, email subscriptions, and many other educational methods.

Your repair company must also let you understand your right, as stated by CROA apart from online resources. Although we already recommend going through the CROA completely before you hire a repair company; however, these companies are by law required to show you the Consumer Credit File Rights included in the State and Federal Law which contains all your rights.

6. Good Track Record

When you are going through customers reviews, look out for customers who give information, particularly on how the company helped them. This means some people will drop reviews on how their credit scores got improved by a particular point by the company. The key here is to look for companies whose recent customers can verify their success.

7. Customer Service

We figure out that most credit repair companies will either assign a particular person to work on your case or share the work among a team of employees.

Companies that assign a particular person to your case are highly preferable as it allows the person has full knowledge about the case and also provide the client with a direct contact so you can directly ask your questions or receive an update on the progress.

Although, there is also efficiency in having a team of people work on your case; however, this is never as convenient as having just one person handles it. The customer tends to trust a single case adviser than a team of advisers, so it is important to go for your choice.

8. Turnaround Time

The total time taken by your credit repair company to deliver your work is essential. Since you possibly hire them to help facilitate an improvement in your credit score promptly, allow them to do the work to yield results.

However, while checking the review, make sure you check the tie taken to complete the task for others.

Furthermore, most credit repair companies charge monthly for their services. So, if you didn’t get the result after the first 30 days, then you might have to consider another company.

9. Fair Pricing

The price for repair service can be higher, just like it is with almost everything. However, a good company will offer reasonable pricing and varieties of options. You are looking to better your finance (financial moving assistance), and the last thing you need is to be slapped with a higher cost.

10. Use Credit Monitoring

You will get to see how the changes reflect on your entire report and credit score in the future. An excellent step in the process of improving your credit score is having an idea of how your credit report is changing.

Correct marks remain on your credit report for 7 to 10 years, but after 1 or 2 years, the impact of the mark on your credit report became reduced.

The majority of the credit repair companies we recommend are offering credit monitoring service along with their other services.

You can check our list of top credit monitoring services if you opt for a company that doesn’t provide a credit monitoring service, or if you plan to fix the problem by yourself.

11. Effectiveness of Handling Disputes

This can be verified by checking what customers are saying about the company, but after you hire them, make sure you monitor what they are doing to help your situation. Ensure their services are effective before you make another payment to them.

What is the Cost of Credit Repair Service?

You will be paying a great cost if you decide to partner with any of the best credit repair companies. Fortunately, these companies cannot charge you before they start working for you. Any company that bills you before working for you is trying to rip you off.

Many of these credit repair companies will charge you per month for all the work they’ve done for you the previous month. There are differences in their prices as there are varieties of packages available to clients with different companies.

Typically, you should be ready to pay around $70/month to above $100/month. You can at any time cancel your account with any credit repair company if you are not satisfied with their services.


Credit repair could be the perfect and legal solution to the issue you have with your credit. A reputable and legit credit repair company will handle all the legal aspects of the credit repair task for you and also enlighten you on the things you need to know about credit and finance.

These companies are also known to get results quicker than someone doing it on his own as they are professionally trained to handle such a task. They have much experience in credit repair, and so they know exactly how to handle the error on your credit report best.

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