Benefits Of Moving During Peak or off-Peak Moving Season

Before you hire best local mover or affordable long-distance moving company for your move, consider this first. When you are getting ready to move, the most essential cost and flexibility determining roles are played by the date, time, and season of your move. No matter whether you are getting ready for a local or overseas move, it is so much vital to organize and plan your move the right way.

Benefits Of Moving During Peak or off-Peak Moving Season

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Arranging the perfect moving date is one of the highly important parts to consider. In the process, the time you choose to move will dictate the amount of money you will spend on the move. About 60 to 70% of people who relocated in a year often plan their moving dates around the summer and spring season. The major reason for this is the friendly weather and because school is on a long-yearly vacation.

Since this is taken as the peak moving season, movers are often highly busy this time of the year, making finding the best packers and movers difficult for homeowners. In this article, we compare the benefits of moving to a new home during peak and non-peak moving seasons.

When is Moving Season at its Peak?

Peak moving season happens in the summer, with 80 percent of all relocations in the United States happening between April and September. Why is summer the peak time of the year to relocate? Even though there are numerous reasons, the major factor is that children are off from school. When school is off, moving companies are normally in high demand.

Alright, So When is the Best Time to Move?

Not the summer. Your relocation can cost so much lesser if you move in non-peak months, which is generally October through March. If you have no choice but to move during the peak moving season, then you should hire movers at the early stage or end of the moving season.

Hiring your moving company early to mid-April or in September (after Labor Day) is the best way to achieve this.

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7 Key Benefits of Moving During the Peak Moving Season

As the weather turns warmer, it can surely feel more motivating to consider spending enough time outdoors during a move. Moving in winter, for example, directly implies freezing hands, reduced daylight or natural light, possible accidents and injuries because of slippery roads, and rain or snow.

Below are some of the benefits of moving during the peak moving season:

  • The weather is friendly: When exactly is the best time to move? You can rely on warmer temperatures in peak moving season, and also you don’t have to stress on possible ice storms or snowstorms to impact the arrangement based on your location and where you are moving to inside the United States.

Scheduling your move outside of winter can make or break your entire experience. Just standing outside during the loading of a truck, or watch a moving truck being loaded, will be more enjoyable during peak moving season.

  • School is out: If you are a family with kids in school, you sure know that a summer move is the best for the kids. The move will not affect their school schedule or studies, and your kids won’t have to make new friends while the school year is still on at a new school. Peak moving season provides the family enough time to get ready and to find and adapt to their new school, too.
  • College schedules: Summer is not only convenient for college students to move their possessions, but it is also perfect for professors and anyone else who works in the college schedules.
  • Flexible work arrangement: A lot of companies find themselves at a high level of productivity because of vacation schedules during the summer. Therefore, people can easily take their vacation period to move, change jobs, or ask friends and family to assist with packing or moving.
  • Free time: A lot of people take their paid leave from work in the summer months which implies that there will be enough friends and family who have enough time to help you with your move.
  • Housing market opportunities: Believe it or not, there are lots of houses for sale during the spring than in the autumn and you have better options when searching for a perfect home of your choice.
  • Moving sales: During move-in-friendly weather, you can easily arrange a yard sale to get rid of things you will no more need and to gather some additional money.

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Best Tips for Moving in Peak Season

The best method when moving in the summer month is to reserve your moving assistance as far early as possible, possibly months in advance. It is crucial to know that all dates, including most weekdays, will be filled with high demand during this season. You will be at an advantage if you reserve your moving company for the days that demand is a bit less.

Below are our tips for moving during the peak season to assist in making your summer move a success:

  • June, July, and August are the peak and busiest months
  •  The start and end of each month  the highest demand
  •  Morning time slots are mostly coveted and often the first to get booked up
  •  Weekends are the most desired days for moving
  •  The days around Memorial Day are some of the most peak dates during peak moving season
  •  Arrange at least 2 weeks in advance, but considerably much further in advance, to a better shot at the best available options.
  •  Dates before Memorial Day and after Labor Day are not so busy
  •  Weekdays are busy but see a reduction in demand than weekends

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Benefits of Moving During the Off-Peak Moving Season

In the moving industry, there are two major seasons across the year, the peak and off-peak moving season. The off-peak season is in the winter and fall, while the peak season is during the spring and summer. Moving companies increase their prices when in peak moving season due to the number of people in need of their services.

However, not everyone can afford the prices of peak moving season.

You can save costs by moving in the off-peak moving seasons. You can find days in the off-peak season that you will have time and schedule for a move with your moving company. Whether you are moving in or outside the state, you should find a licensed and insured moving company.

Below are some of the benefits of moving during the off-peak moving season:

1. Competitive pricing

One of the major benefits of moving in the off-peak season is that you can receive lower prices, unlike the peak moving season. Moreover, your moving company is ready to provide you a one-time deal that will entice you since business around this time is often low.

Immediately you begin to research the most effective and dependable movers, the cost of the move is a huge factor. During the off-peak moving season, you will have enough time to move at a slower rate than usual.

If you are moving on a tight budget and you have flexibility with your moving dates, you can spend few time searching for a trustworthy moving company to relocate you in the winter or autumn season. If you are moving from one coast to another, you might obtain a discount of about 30% and you can benefit from moving during the off-peak season.

2. Availability

If you choose to hire a professional moving company to perform the move for you, look into an off-season move. Since demand around this season is low, you can even select many movers in the market. Besides, you will so much like the services offered by the company because you will have a crew of movers to assist you during the move.

3. Cooler weather enables more energy saving 

Aside from the fact that you will get a great deal from the movers, the season will be cooler and fresher, which will lead to more efficiency during the move.

When movers start to wrap, pack, and load your items, they will focus their strength and complete the task currently at hand because they are not working in extreme conditions like the hot sun or frigid conditions.

4. Varieties of choices on pickup and delivery dates

One of the major benefits of moving during the off-peak season is that, you can access flexibility as regards the dates that you select to move. For many moving companies during the peak moving season, they will select a date for you and you don’t have much option than to take it or someone else will.

However, in the off-peak season, the movers get fewer demands and they are highly flexible in available pickup dates. If you pick another delivery date, they can protect your belongings in their temporary facility and you can pick them anytime you are ready. However, this will be based on the type of move. In the colder months, the moving company can take your moving demands.

5. Safer and faster deliveries

One of the major benefits of moving in this off-peak season is that the roads are free and this implies that your moving company cannot face any barrier on the way. Over 30 million Americans relocate during this summer, this implies that the roads are congested and moving is a tough process.

Therefore, even with the misconception that the road is not good because of changing weather conditions, moving during fall is faster and safer.

6. More attention from the moving company

The importance of selecting a company is based on the kind of service and attention that they will give you. You will get more attention if demand is not much on the moving company of your choice.

Therefore, the moving company will have enough dispatchers ready and you can get all the attention you want. Besides, the movers will have the strength and not get exhausted from the previous move since all their strength will be concentrated in your job.

7. More time to settle in

People normally spend more time packing up indoors during winter. Especially if you have kids, the outdoor activities and events begin to close down and move inside. During this calm season, there is much more time to plan and settle in once your move is completed.

Unpacking, organizing your items, and decorating is so much easier when you are not trying to balance your time with day camps and outdoor recreations. Look for some time to explore your new area and find out all the local attractions and amenities too.


After comparing the pros and cons of relocating during the peak moving season, it is now in your hand to decide if you would go through with it or choose an off-peak season move date.

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