Auto Shipping Deals and Discounts



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Auto Shipping Deals and Discounts 2020

Car transport services can be costly, but there are many things you can do to reduce your costs. We all know that the auto shipping business is very competitive. Many people got scammed when they run after cheap deals and discounts from shippers. Hence, you need to take caution when it comes to looking for discounts and deals to ship your car.

In light of this, we have researched different companies’ deals and discounts and come up with real auto shipping discounts and deals you can take advantage of to reduce your cost of shipping. We categorized the offers into two; auto transport deals and auto transport discounts.

In addition, we offer you guidance in the form of 5-step process at getting yourself a good deal on your auto shipping quote and pointing out the attractive discounts you can ask your shipping company.

How to Get Auto Transport Deals

To get yourself a good auto shipping deal, you have to understand how shipping works and not just only the discounts. Just like shopping around for a new vehicle, with an understanding of some tricks, no one would take advantage of you. There are five essential things you can do to maximize your chances of landing a good shipping deal: 

  • Use a broker that has a good reputation: You either work with brokers or carriers when shipping a car. Carriers’ help you ship your car in one of their few numbers of transport trucks. Brokers are simply the companies that connect you with carriers. Brokers can easily get you a carrier with lower prices as they usually have a wide network of carriers. Get started by checking our list of the best car transport companies.   
  • Get multiple quotes: The price of a snickers bar is always the same in every grocery store you enter. Car shipping quotes, however, works in a different way. You can get different estimates from different shippers that have a difference of about hundreds of dollars or more for the same service. We advised that you get shipping quotes from at least three shipping companies.

Pro Tip

It is advisable to first have an idea of the cost shipping a car to help you compare the companies’ quotes better. Click here to know how much it costs to ship a car.

  • Ask the shipper about price matching: You can save money from price matching, so ask your auto shipper if they offer it. You can easily tell a shipping company that another company has offered to ship your vehicle from a certain location to another for a certain amount of dollars. And then ask them if they can match or beat the amount offered by the company.
  • Know more about insurance basics: You will be approached by some shipping companies to sell a costly insurance plans to ship a car, but this might be their own way of making money. Basic insurance is expected to be offered on your car shipping by shipping companies to protect against damage. Additional plans that cost extra can be valuable but not always essential. Read the ultimate car shipping to know more about auto shipping insurance – how your car is covered while on the move
  • Request for a discount: Although auto shipping discounts are very popular, however, auto transport company websites are not always friendly or up to date. Take additional time to ask the customer service representative of the shipping company if they offer auto shipping discounts immediately you receive your auto shipping quotes. Continue reading to know the exact types of auto shipping discounts available. 

Getting Auto Shipping Discount

As it was mentioned above, the auto shipping business is very rivalry. Many consumers got scammed and misled when they run after cheap deals and discounts from dubious shippers. There are ways to get the best shipping deals and save some money. Opting for discount ads is one excellent way to get messed up. Beware!

How to Get Auto Transport Discounts?

You have to do your homework in order to find a reliable and safe shipping service while still making money on your auto shipping job. Nothing like great discounts or free meals exists. There are certain things you must do to save money and get the best deal while still enjoying quality services. These include:  

  • The best method to be certain of cheap and great deals is to go straight for the auto transport company without an intermediary company. 
  • Make sure you compare shipping quotes during reviewing and researching to understand the service charges so you can negotiate for the best deals. 
  • Make sure you consult your insurance providers for your insurance policies and understand the laws guiding insurance in the state you are moving to. 
  • Make sure you ask for detail information about the shipping company’s services and charges, and go for the deal that will help you save money and match your shipping needs as well. Do not hold back to ask about each service and cost.

You will be able to get the best deals following these four steps above, but you also have to check if the shipper is registered and bonded. Avoid settling with oral assurances.

Make sure everything is given in writing and do not make any payment before delivery and inspection to shippers. Ensuring reliable and safe delivery requires experience and reputation.  

Top Auto Shipping Discounts

Shipping a vehicle can be costly. You don’t have to pay full price as there are ways around it. Although not all shipping companies offer discounts, a large number of them do. We have compiled a list of the most popular options since shipping companies will probably not inform you of any available discount until you ask. 

Below are common auto shipping discounts

Type of discount

Who is (are) eligible?

Seasonal discount

  Those shipping cars during peak and low-demand seasons

Military personnel discount

Active military members of the United States

Seniors discount

Seniors aged 65 years and above

Snowbirds discount

Those who relocate twice annually during a change in weather 

Student discount

Enrolled college students

First-time shipping discount

First-time car shipping customers

Multiple car discount

Those shipping more than two vehicles at a time

First responder discount

Those in working in public services such as fire-fighters, police, and EMTs.

Early bird discount

Those who submit their booking within 48 hours of getting a shipping quote

Online booking discount

Those who make reservations online

Return customer discount

Those consumers shipping for the second time or more with the same company

Additional Tips to Getting an Auto Shipping Discount

You need to make serious planning and perform thorough digging on different companies that offer you discounted rates if you want to enjoy the benefit of an auto shipping discount.

Be sure to limit your dealings with companies with good customer satisfaction ratings as well as their standing on the Better Business Bureau. Consider this additional guideline listed below to get a nice shipping discount:

  • Start online research of various auto shipping companies to look for shipping discounts. You can check global auto transportation to begin your research. They offer a 10% discount to customers that make an online booking. 
  • Check your daily newspaper ads to check for listed ads by various auto shippers in your location. Contact them for shipping quotes and make a comparison of these quotes with the one you received online. 
  • Transporting your household belongings along with your vehicle using the same company could qualify you for discounted rates. The majority of the companies will offer you package deals for moving your household belongings and your vehicles with them. 
  • Consult auto shipping brokers to see if they can provide you with a nice deal. Most brokers work with various auto shipping companies and can assist you with a shipping service that will match your shipping budget. 
  • Check CouponSnapshot and other websites to get online auto transport coupons.  
  • Make sure you carefully go through the terms and conditions of the auto shipping agreement before you sign it as you probably know that the cheapest deal is not always the way to go. Make sure that enough insurance coverage is offered to you by the shipping company just in case there is damage to your car during shipping. 

Discounts are just one of the many parts of shipping your vehicle cheaper. Click here to see what other things are being offered by our car transport companies: 

Final Words

Everyone is looking for a way to reduce the cost of doing things, and car shipping is not excepted. Getting car shipping deals and discount will go a long way in saving you some bucks. This post has discussed all you need to know to get various car shipping companies’ discount and deals. Make sure you do your research to get the real deal by following the tips shared in this post.

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Dan Jackson
Dan Jackson
He is both a content writer and a moving expert. Dan's passion for research and writing quality content that give insights to consumers on their purchasing decision has been excellent over the years. He studied linguistic art in one of the best universities in California.
Dan Jackson
Dan Jackson
He is both a content writer and a moving expert. Dan's passion for research and writing quality content that give insights to consumers on their purchasing decision has been excellent over the years. He studied linguistic art in one of the best universities in California.

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