Adams Van Lines Reviews 2022: Expert in Long Distance Moving

Bottom Line: With straightforward pricing, excellent customer service, and varieties of services that only a few other moving companies can match, Adams Van Lines is a number-one choice for local, state to state, and international moves.

Adams Van Lines focuses on providing carefree moving services to you and leaving you with a sweet experience. The company wishes to eradicate any stress-related element that often comes with moving and assist you in settling down at your new place quickly and with no problems.

Adams Van Lines
Adams Van Lines Reviews 2022: Expert in Long Distance Moving

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Adams Van Lines has a team of experts to make your moving job easy. Yes, our movers are all certified and experienced who understand their job perfectly like the back of their hands. They can complete packing, loading, and unloading at the speed of light and save you time and money.

What are the services offered by Adams Van Lines?

Adams Van Lines offers many services to provide you a personalized and satisfactory moving experience. Before we dive into the full list of services offered by Adams Van Lines, however, we want you to know some unique features.

Standout Features

  • Full-value moving coverage on each move
  • In-house tech support to disconnect or install home theatres and computer networks.
  • Online package pricing

If you’ve been searching for the right moving company for a long, you will understand these features are rare. We’ll discuss each further in this article, but first, let us consider the rest of Adam’s offerings.

Services offered by Adams Van Lines

  • Local, State-to-state, and international moving services
  • Corporate moving
  • Government moving
  • In-home moving estimates
  • Customizable packing and unpacking
  • Loading and unloading
  • Home cleaning
  • Trash and debris removal
  • Shipment tracking
  • Advertised additional package pricing
  • Online moving resources
  • Home theater & computer network services
  • Full-value protection for each move
  • Auto transport
  • Storage

Most of the services from Adams are added to your moving price, but others include the extra cost to your total moving estimate.


  • Reliable flat-rate pricing together with price matching
  • Experienced and well-screened staff
  • Certified to move antique and piano professionally
  • Binding estimates
  • Frequent phone calls


  • Online quotes not offered

Adams Van Lines Packing and Unpacking

Do you require moving and packing solutions or just packing certain items? Adams Van Lines have the equipment and team of experienced movers to get it done.

They will pack your goods professionally to make sure that they are properly packed against any damage during transit.

You do not need to feel worried about packing because their teams of experts that handle packing and unpacking have enough packing knowledge to assist you.

What you need to do is just contact them at your convenience to schedule packing solutions with them.

The team at Adams Van Lines will put in their best to get the packing of your household goods done with the use of relevant moving supplies.

Whether you are requesting our packing service for a house move, condo, or apartment move, or unpacking service help for the whole move in the United States or another country, Adams Van Lines offers quality full-service packing and unpacking with the ultimate care to your items.

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Storage Services

Are you in need of safe and secure storage at any location across the country? Then this company is the service to get what you desire.

Adam Van Lines provides you clean, safe, and secure storage centers at a reasonably affordable price. They have storage and warehouse locations for any size of budget.

All their storage spaces are well secured, cleaned, and properly-equipped to satisfy your long-time or short-term storage requirements for commercial household belongings and across the country.

The team of professional packers from Adams Van Lines will ensure that all your belongings are packed, moved, stored, and delivered to your new location with minimum or no supervision.

They have provided safe and secure storage solutions for thousands of homes and businesses. You can choose this service to keep and secure your belongings generally or make use of it by relocating your home or business.

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How much does Adams Van Lines cost?

Adams Van Lines charge a very competitive rate. Apartment moves will cost between $2,100 and $6,200 with Adams Van Lines based on the number of belongings you have and the types of services you use.

For residential moves, prices can cost between $4,300 and $11,400. A lot of full-service movers will subject you to the full estimate process before they provide you any pricing information.

Adams’ operation is more transparent; it offers quick online moving estimates and extra service package pricing without asking for any personal information from you.

This is a unique feature from the traditional way since a lot of other moving companies ask that you provide a phone number as well as an email address before they offer you any quote, whether online or offline.

To provide you an idea of the cost of your moving, we performed a sample move with different sizes of the home through Adams Van Lines’ online quoting tool.

Adams Van Lines covers nationwide; your cost will be based on the distance you are going.

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Adams Van Lines’ Cost Factors

Adams Van Lines focuses its estimates on few pieces of information, so these numbers should just be considered as a rough idea of what your cost might be. Your exact moving quote will be based on your in-house moving estimate and some other factors, such as:

  • Your moving distance
  • Your date and time of the move
  • The exact weight of your moving items
  • Any extra moving services or protection you buy

Even though we can’t provide the specifics about how the cost of your moving will be affected by the first three factors (based on your local Adams Van Lines agent), we can inform you of the extra services that will affect your cost of moving.

Moving Coverage Options available with Adams Van Lines

Adams Van Lines says its movers have been rigorously trained to make sure your household items are securely packed and safely delivered, but even with that, accidents still happen.

Adams offers basic liability coverage at no extra charge or a full valuation coverage for an extra fee to protect your household goods against any sort of incident.

Basic liability coverage is the cheaper of the two options since it is added to your moving cost, but it offers lower coverage. It is not recommended if you are moving highly valuable belongings.

It covers $0.60 per pound per item for any loss or damage that happens to your belongings during the move. If you prefer the basic liability coverage and Adams damages 100-pound pieces of furniture at any point in the move, you will get just $60, regardless of the amount you paid for it.

Areas Covered By States

Alabama Michigan Oklahoma Virginia
Alaska Missouri Oregon Washington
Arizona Montana Pennsylvania West Virginia
Arkansas Minnesota Rhode Island Wisconsin
California Mississippi South Carolina Wyoming
Colorado Nebraska South Dakota Massachusetts
Connecticut Nevada Tennessee Idaho
Delaware New Hampshire Texas Illinois
Florida New Jersey Utah Indiana
Georgia New Mexico Maine Iowa
Hawaii New York Maryland Kansas
North Carolina Ohio Kentucky
North Dakota Louisiana Vermont

Do We Recommend Adams Van Lines?

After the experiences with the Adams Van Lines’ agents, we would certainly recommend the company to our readers.

Adams is a great option to consider if you are getting ready for a long-distance move or requires many additional services to pack and relocate your household goods. However, the option for the full service moving with Adams is not necessarily a smart decision before you move.

If the home you are moving to is smaller or you are low on the budget (but still don’t want to do DIY), Adams Van Lines provides you the option to select and choose the level of help it provides with your move, which can keep your moving costs affordable.

In general, your experience is largely dependent on your local Adams Van Lines agent, so make sure you check local reviews and arrange for an in-house survey to find out how well they can help with your move.

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