List of Charities That Assist With Moving Expenses

Looking for a list of charities that assist with moving expenses? You are at the right place. Moving can be an expensive and logistically difficult task in some cases. The situation can be worsening when an individual is under pressure in their unique circumstances.

Sometimes, you may not have enough money to hire a mover and have no one to help you with the costs of your move. Regardless of the individual reason for your move, some organizations provide grants and programs to help you move in or outside your state.

As you plan your move, the first thing that comes to your mind is how to get assistance with moving expenses. Well, you don’t need to worry about that. Aside from the help available with charities for moving expenses, there are also some sources where you can get money for your moving cost.

We discussed these sources in this write-up. Several governmental and non-governmental organizations give financial assistance for relocation. You can contact them to obtain help with your moving expenses.

List of Charities That Assist With Moving Expenses

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List of Charity Organizations that help with Moving Expenses

Charity organizations don’t only help with food, shelter, job opportunities, or clothing; they also offer a hand with moving expenses. Their helping hand is extended to people who seriously need financial help for moving. They give special preferences to single parents, veterans, and older adults.

Below is a list of different charities that assist with moving expenses:

The Salvation Army

This is the first name that comes to mind whenever one thinks of seeking help from a non-profit organization or a charity. Salvation Army helps people by giving them daily resources to cater to their needs regardless of gender, color, and nationality.

It has helped thousands of people with basic utility needs over several years. The organization also provides assistance with moving expenses.

There are many programs available at the Salvation Army that give assistance with moving costs. Those who find it difficult to pay for their moving expenses can get help from the Salvation Army, and it provides moving expenses help in the form of grants.

However, not everyone is eligible for these grants for moving expenses due to inadequate resources. One may or may not be lucky enough to access these grants. You only get chances at these moving expenses grants if you meet all the requirements.

Eligibility: You will be required to show the documents that indicate your low-income status as well as indicate the purpose for the assistance (so be sure to keep your security deposit documentation or confirmation of your moving truck rental).

Catholic Charities

This organization is religiously-affiliated and works to eradicate poverty in the United States. When you need charities to assist you with moving expenses, concentrate on this organization’s stable housing programs.

The purpose of their programs is to make sure homelessness becomes a thing of the past, and helping with moving expenses is part of their mission when they are an obstacle to stable, permanent housing.

Eligibility: This organization uses several grant resources. So, if you are homeless or may soon become a homeless person due to your income, you are eligible. People coming out of domestic abuse situations can also be eligible.  

Modest Needs (Self-Sufficiency Grants)

This organization was established in 2002 with a concentration on small, one-time grants of about $1,000. These grants can assist you if you live at or closer to the poverty line and need help through a temporary problem, which could include moving help.

Eligibility: You need to prove that your living condition is at or below the poverty line and that you’ve been in a tough situation or massive need (which includes the need to relocate with a very little notification).

Emergency Solutions Grants

The emergency solutions grants offer families that are in need to bounce back on their feet after going through a homelessness situation or other hard living conditions. This emergency grant offers help for people who will need to relocate to a new location.

Processing these grants is swift, mostly within 24-hours, and is directly sent to the moving company, utility company, or any other relevant company.

Eligibility: Families who earn low-income can be eligible for moving financial help. The income schedule can vary based on each location. And there are certain requirements or prerequisites by each state to be eligible and get the grant.

You can be sure of getting this grant if your current rental home is at the risk of demolition, reconstruction, conversion, or where it doesn’t satisfy certain safety code criteria. The grants, in some cases, would require showing eviction notice for this purpose.


The YWCA has since the 1850s worked to get rid of racism and ensure women’s empowerment. Most local YWCA locations in its modern form offer help generally focused on women coming out of domestic abuse situations, which can include financial assistance with moving expenses.

Eligibility: For a fund application, your home must be closer to the YWCA location. Part of the organization’s moving financial help must be related to leaving a domestic abuse situation.

However, different locations are in different partnerships with other community organizations so that they may be of great help in other aspects with low-income moving help programs.

Federal Relocation Assistance Program

Funding is administered by the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) via the Federal Relocation Assistance Program. If you need help with moving costs because your home got affected by a natural disaster, resources are available for you in this program. Aside from moving help, you could also get home repairs or temporary assistance through this program.

Eligibility: The caused by the natural disaster must be up to the level that the house can no longer be inhibited by you. The funding resources a certain individual qualifies for is determined by each inspection conducted on the home.

Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Grant

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) are among the United States Government departments. They are in charge of this grant program focused on preventing homelessness by helping those who may soon become homeless to obtain housing quickly.

Eligibility: Your family must be at the edge of losing their house or already homeless.

Other Ways to Get Assistance for your Move

Help from your Local Church or Religious Institution

Most churches and religious institutions often care for people in their community, which could include assistance with moving expenses. If they are not financially capable of financing a professional do-it-yourself move, they may be ready to offer volunteer help for a more do-it-yourself move.

You can save a lot of money from this, especially for local moves, where you can get unloading help at your new home.

Try to ask your Employer

If you are moving for a new job, you may try and ask for reimbursement for moving expenses from your employer as a part of your compensation negotiation. Since this may not cover all the expenses incur during your move, you can get upfront cash even from a small relocation expense to start a new life in your new home.

Veterans might be qualified for Relocation Aid

The Veterans Administration is popularly known for offering loans with reasonable terms to veterans who are purchasing homes, but you may also be connected by VA housing assistance to local charities that assist with moving expenses.

They can assist disabled veterans in applying for housing grants, and they can help you find out the available services that will help your relocation run smoothly through the Veteran’s Crisis Line.

People with Disabilities can also get Moving Help

This may be from subsidized housing opportunities or via individual grants. Various housing-related services can be found to help those living with disabilities with their move. There are grants offered by the Administration for Community Living and some local and state-based organizations. With several available services, these multiple resources from different government agencies may be a nice starting point.


The majority of corporations and non-profit agencies have different ways of giving support to the marginalized. The financial help is usually in the form of grants, services, or advice. Visit the web to discover great chances and the best available deals to match your unique moving needs.

If you are low on budget, and not qualified for any of the grants above, making use of any of our cheap moving companies or cheapest moving truck rental companies may even pay off your moving cost.

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