9 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Movers

Moving is a difficult process, and it gets more complicated when it involves long distances. Long-distance moving requires much more preparation than moving from one side of the town or from one street to another.

9 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Movers

In this article

Moving is a very simple task, but what can complicate it?

During your move, you are likely to have a plan, such as;

Hiring movers or having a DIY move,

How to pack the goods in your house,

How to load your goods into the moving truck,

How to transport your car cross country, and

How to unload and unpack your goods

However, having a moving plan doesn’t guarantee the success of your move. A lot of things can happen during your household relocation. And you don’t have it all under control. If you know the things that could go wrong, you have the chance to take the right approaches to avoid such situations.

We have made a list of 9 possible things that may go wrong during your move as well as the right actions to take in the occurrence of any of these situations.

Your Hired Movers didn’t show up

You have taken a lot of time to plan your move and to simplify the entire moving process, you hired movers. But as you are ready, on the day of your move, your hired moving company didn’t show up. What is your next action?

Pro Tip

  • Make sure you get the agreement of your deal with your hired moving company in writing and signed.
  • Contact the moving company twice before the day of your move and remind them of your date of the
  • You can also call them one week before your moving date if possible. Also, be sure that the movers are with your actual home address as well as your phone number. If the movers didn’t arrive as scheduled, call their company or their customer service center to know what is going on.

Lack of Relevant Permits

If you think an interstate move is just about transporting your entire household goods to your destination, you’re wrong. There are some states with certain permit requirements, moving truck size specifications, and roads that are restricted for movers.

This, to some experienced movers, is a routine, but if you are performing a DIY move or don’t want your movers to handle everything, then you better go through the rules and regulations personally.

That will make sure you know whether the movers have done their job or not. This is why you need to find a trustworthy mover for your need.

Pro Tip

If you notice that moving truck parking is not possible anywhere closer to your home, discuss this with the movers before your moving day. Find out the required distance between the truck and your doorstep and the cost of the additional charges for the extra distance calculated. You will have proper preparation if you know what to plan for.

They Arrived with a Small Size Moving Truck

Your hired moving company may arrive with a smaller truck to transport your goods. This implies that the moving company will likely travel multiple times than is expected and ask for additional charges.

Also, if you hire a moving company without performing a home survey or hide some of your household goods during the in-home survey to obtain a cheaper moving estimate, you may get a small-size moving truck that cannot accommodate all your household belongings.

Pro Tip

This has a simple solution. Before you hire any moving, make sure one of their representatives comes to your home and inspect the rooms. It is so much important for them to see the belongings you plan to move to develop the perfect moving estimate and arrive with the right size of moving truck on the day of your move. Also, make sure you get all agreements in writing and signed for record and reference sake.

Moving Quote is much HIGHER than the Moving Estimate Issued

Your hired moving company may hold your household goods to ransom after they load the truck and ask for more unexpected costs before delivery. This may sound scary but it is also one of the things you should expect as this happens more often.

There are moving companies that issue low moving estimates to book the moving job and then increase the price later after they have all the goods loaded in the moving truck.

They claim that your household goods are heavier and thus the weight is higher than their previous estimate and you then have to pay.

Pro Tip

Prevent this ugly situation by making sure that you have a secure deal with your hired movers, ask for a binding moving estimate; it makes sure the estimated amount is what you pay for.

Make sure that you get all your agreements in writing and properly signed. Ensure that each payment and requirement is stated clearly in the agreement such as insurance, penalties, parking permit, waiting time, and so on, should be stated.

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The Movers Get Lost

The moving truck filled with your belongings can get lost when the movers are trying to find your new home. This usually happened when you are traveling on a long distance to your new home or moving to another state.

Pro Tip

Also make sure that the moving company has the right address of your destination home and your postcode, together with your phone number. Also, make sure there is one person at the destination home with spare keys to give access to the moving company and make sure your belongings are unloaded and unpacked before you come.

Contact the representative of the moving company every 1-2 hours to know if they need your help to find your new home.

Unnecessary Damage to your Home Appliances

The movers are not experts with plumbing or electricity materials and they may not know much about the disconnection of appliances. It is very wise to not rely on them to disconnect your household appliances.

However, disconnection of your appliances in a rush when the moving truck arrives may lead to unnecessary damage.

Pro Tip

If you want to move smoothly, make sure you have an expert to properly disconnect all your household appliances and pack them the right way.

There are moving companies with experts that can disconnect and pack household appliances, be sure to ask your moving company if you need their services. Even if you choose to pack your belongings all by yourself or with help from anyone, make sure that your home appliances are well disconnected and packed accordingly before the arrival of your movers.

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You Can’t Find Your Bill of Lading

The bill of lading contains the full list of your belongings like a receipt issued by the moving company to the customer (or their representative) signing the household goods.

The bill of lading shows that contract exists between you (customer) and the moving company.

But what if you couldn’t find your bill of lading before or on a moving day? You will be at great risk if you misplace your bill of lading because you now don’t have an official record to compare and be sure that your movers deliver everything.

After moving, you need to conduct a thorough check of your items and make sure everything is in place. Bill of lading is the official paperwork that is required to filing a claim.

pro Tip

Ensure you make a photocopy of your bill of lading and file a copy separately. If possible, scan and save the document in your online drives like Drop Box or Google Drive. You may need it anytime even as a reference after moving.

Tight Inside or Outside Stairways

The tight stairways or doors may prevent you from getting your wardrobe or bed moved into or out of the house. These situations can reduce your pace of working and delay the entire moving process. Also, you may have to pay extra fees to move these items.

Pro Tip

Prevent these situations before your moving day by taking measurements of all doorways, stairways, hallways, and your furniture to make sure they fit properly. Else, speak with your mover and ask if they can pack such items or furniture for you or contact a packing expert to complete the job for you.

Not Hiring Any Moving Company

Even though the aforementioned situations may happen during a move, one of the worst situations that can ever happen is to not hire any mover. You will surely find any DIY skill great until when you decide to perform a self-move.

Moving is considered one of the highly stressful undertakings in life. Renting a moving truck, purchasing relevant insurance, packing, loading the moving truck, driving to your destination home, unloading, and unpacking are some of the important processes of moving.

You may be able to pull a DIY move through by yourself or with assistance from friends, but have you consider the cost?

Pro Tip

Moving experts have the relevant skills, equipment, and experience to take care of all parts of moving from start to finish. They know the associating dangers in each level of the move and how to prevent them. Your moving will be less stressful and most enjoyable when you hire professional licensed long distance movers as you won’t have to do much, only to relax, and enjoy your move.

Final Words

If you want your household gods to arrive at the agreed time, with no damage and lesser complications, do not go for the cheapest moving company. Hire a cross country moving company with experience that specializes in moving interstate.

This will make sure you pay for value and the safety of your household belongings, not just the convenience of not handling the heavy lifting yourself.

Also, ensure you find out about extra costs because some moving companies only advertise the cost included in their basic service. When you hire an expensive moving service, the entire move gets more complicated.

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