15 Ways To Control Your Home With Smartphone

Technology has made things easy for all. There are home security systems to help manage your home better. We now carry the whole world in our hands.

The app you have on your smartphone is what determines how good it is, right? Sure, we know that some other features determine the quality of a smartphone than just applications.

Features like file storage, cameras, internet connectivity, or anything you like to use it for, but when you get the right applications, you can do more than you think. Your smartphone might be able to pay for itself with the perfect tools.

Let’s go through some ways we can manage our homes using our devices.

We live in a digital world where household appliances are getting smarter every day. That implies that they possess more powerful computer chips in stainless or plastic bodies and they can communicate to each other and your smartphone through Wi-Fi connectivity.

Below are 15 ways to control your home using your smartphone:

15 Ways To Control Your Home With Smartphone

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1. New Improved Lighting

There is a smart bulb made by Philips known as Hue, which enables you to control the light bulbs in your home. This makes much sense if you decide not to retrofit to light or lamp switches.

With these smart bulbs, you can change the color of the light, the brightness, or dim the light in your home. You can also turn them on and off, like clapping to on and off lights.

2. Smart Thermostats

Nest is a cool small device that is being popularly used lately. It is created by the same manufacturers of iPod. There is Wi-Fi on this thermostat, and it features an iPhone application. That implies that the temperature of your home can be controlled anywhere you are.

Do you desire to save money by lowering the temperature while you are away, but don’t want to get back to a cold house? No problem.

Increase the temperature before you go by using your smartphone. Immediately you start using Nest, it will learn your program and routine automatically to save you a lot of money on utilities. That implies that Nest will soon be adjusting the temperature in your home automatically when you leave and return to your home.

3. Security System

Do you remember that home security system you installed in your home with the control panel placed by the master bedroom or the garage door a few years back? Since there is mobile computing around, you can forget about the old control panel and program everything into your smartphone. You will also be getting a live update of any trespass in your home.

Choose from ADT, Frontpoint, SimpliSafe, or Vivint to be able to control your home through your smartphone.

If you own a location, the latest smart key technology on the market, you can lock, unlock, and send important keys to your friends and families if they need to access your house. This will not only reduce the stress in your life, but it will also get rid of the worry of giving the key to your house to your neighbor while you are away, so he can feed your pet.

You only have to provide him a digital key that is only active during the time you allocate for it and your house locks up after the code expires.

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4. Pet Feeder

With Petnet SmartFeeder, you can easily plan for your pet’s meal even if you had to leave town in a rush. Use the corresponding smartphone application to schedule feeding times while the kibble will be dispensed for your dog or cat by the SmartFeeder.

The automatic feeder factors the age, breed, weight, and activity of your pet to figure out the perfectly healthy portion size, and will send notifications when your pet eats or when you need to stock up food.

5. Motion-Activated Security Cameras

A motion surveillance system is preferable for your home to a cable TV. There are smart applications available on the market with compact, yet top-quality security cameras that will enable you to know of anyone in your home. Not everything is recorded by these cameras; they just wait to detect motion and then turn on.

It can notify you on your phone that it is switching on and you will be able to watch live footage from your home at any location in the world. Vacationers will so much like it.

You also can set the security features using your smartphone, and if you add that with some other automation systems in your household, you can control almost all that you have from your phone.

6. Sous Vide Cooker

This is a method that requires actual water temperatures for nicely cooked dishes, and a pot of water will bestir and heat using Anova Sous Vide Nano Precision Cooker to keep the actual temperature for proper cooking.

This model is linked to your phone via Bluetooth so you can control the process (start, stop and monitor) even when you are out of the kitchen. Soon, you will be cooking like a professional with this useful gadget as well as the 1,000 recipes added on the corresponding app.

7. Smart Keys

Opening doors with the use of traditional locks and keys deadbolts has been long. You will have more security by upgrading your lock and key system that you will never be worried that someone will duplicate your key to accessing your home when you are not in town.

This also implies that you can see the doors that are unlocked or open at any time. You also can make spare keys for people for temporary use if they necessarily need to enter the home. I like that I don’t have to go about with a bunch of keys in my pocket. As I mentioned earlier, location is a top player in this great technology.

8. Coffeemakers

Definitely, there are coffeemakers on the market that are highly programmable, but how many of them are connected to your phone? Can follow instruction if you decide to make changes? If you are up in the morning and you feel like taking an espresso instead of a normal cup of java, you can just get your coffee made using your smartphone instead of walking through your home just to switch the coffeemaker. You can consider Scanomat for this great technology trend.

9. Start Your Vehicle Remotely

Many vehicle applications on the market link your smartphone to your vehicle, making sure you can turn your heater on remotely. This is so much useful when you live or reside in climates which are not friendly for putting on shorts all through the year. You don’t necessarily need to run outside in 100 below to warm up your vehicle. Viper is the one company I discovered that has nice reviews and an innovative product.

10. Electrical Outlet Upgrades

If you don’t plan to go around to buy many appliances that have Wi-Fi capability that connect to your smartphone just for you to be able to turn on your bulb, you can replace old outlets with smart outlets that have corresponding friendly app.

Just plug your appliances into these new smart outlets and you can control them using your smartphone. Lastly, they are so much affordable unlike buying all new household appliances.

11. Instant Pot

This product has earned a lot of praise for its ease of use and quick-cooking abilities. The multi-use product (pressure cooker, yogurt maker, sauté/searing, rice/porridge cooker, slow cooker, cake maker, steamer, and warmer altogether) prepares delicious dishes with just the push of a button.

Now, the widely known brand improves everything with the Smart Wi-Fi Model. This version features similar functions that made Instant Pot a trend but with the improved capability of controlling the product from your smartphone. You can arrange, monitor, and adjust the cooking settings with the use of the application, and go through more than 750 recipes.

12. Sprinkler System

Use assistance from Rachio to gain control over your in-ground sprinkler system. The smart watering controller works together with your household sprinkler system; it only replaces your existing controller or timer.

With the application, you will be able to make and adjust watering schedules, enter details about your lawn and garden, and test sprinklers to help the system to provide improved watering sessions.

The system syncs with the controller and adjusts waterings to weather reports in your location to give enough moisture and prevent too much watering.

13. Hot Tub Control

When the weather is cold, you want to soak yourself in a hot tub to keep warm. But going outdoors to increase the water temperature before a soak is not what anyone enjoys. Enter OnSpa is a wireless system that allows you to control your hot tub using your smartphone.

You can adjust the temperature, stream music, and operate the jets via the Bluetooth module. Just remember not to get your phone closer to the water’s edge.

14. Refrigerator

You might not see the need for any smartness for your fridge, but the upgrading that has been made to this kitchen appliance is amazing. A corresponding application for your smartphone allows you to place your LG Smart refrigerator in vacation mode to save energy, monitor inventory and shopping lists, or check the temperature on your phone. The only thing this multitasking refrigerator can’t do is to complete your shopping for you.

15. Home Automation

You can certainly DIY most of these applications, but you will find it hard when you piecemeal these entire processes and end up short by not being able to get everything in your home covered. Also, you might have to download a lot of applications to lots of devices or appliances to make this work as expected. This leads to confusion.

Look into a third-party solution to automate your home by upgrading old appliances, security systems, solar panels, and security systems.

Try using Vivint if you reside in North America. They are referred to as a nice worth for your money by a lot of 3rd party reviewers.

If you reside in Europe, try using Quby. There are many good reviews about them, too.

If you have just a little pet, then perform a DIY and test it. But if you are performing something big and have a small budget then consider professional automation.


The smart homes represented in movies showed many years ago are importantly becoming a reality now. A large part of the thanks goes to our smartphones. Continuous development of technology ensures that we can connect our slim devices with almost any device in the house. Your world is now at your fingertips more than before.

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