12 Cost-Savings Home Maintenance Tasks

Being a homeowner is certainly a big job. If you’ve rented a home in the past or owned a home with a Home Owner Association, you probably didn’t know the level of maintenance you weren’t doing in your home.

Nowadays, everyone is looking for cost-saving ways in everything. However, if you check around your home, there may be home maintenance chores that you’ve been postponing, and thereby cost you a lot of money.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to save money on these home repairs and improvements.

This article will discuss how to handle those issues completely. Continue reading to find out twelve easy, cost-saving home maintenance tasks.

If you perform each task, it will help you save some money in your pocket.

Below are 12 simple home maintenance tasks that will help you save money.

12 Cost-Savings Home Maintenance Tasks

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Roof and Gutter Care

Cleaning of gutters costs less than $250 on average. According to HomeAdvisor reports, spending that amount can save you over ten times that price in the long run.

Because if your gutters are dirty, they can get blocked; causing still water as there will be no paths to go when it rains. That water often finds its way to under shingles, and then through your ceilings.

Pro Tip

Water damage is highly insidious immediately it enters your house and can be very difficult to get rid of. The cost of buying a new roof starts from $5,000 to $15,000 based on the type of material as well as the home’s size.

This includes the cost of replacing or repairing drywall and painting on water-damaged surfaces, and also, the cost of removing mold if the water damage wasn’t detected until later.

You could be spending around $25,000 if your roof leaks. That’s a huge 1,000% increase on the $250 you would spend to clean a gutter.

Change HVAC Filters

Some filters trap dust, allergen, and toxins on your HVAC system to make sure your home is getting top-quality indoor air.

You need to change those filters every month for them to continue with efficient performance.

One other advantage of regular changing of filters is that they reduce the utility bulls by letting the HVAC system to function efficiently with less consumption of energy.

Fix Leaky Faucets

Together with being disturbing to hear at all times, that your home faucet that often leaks is costing you a lot of money.

According to estimates, you could end up spending about $60 and $200 annually on that leaky faucet, based on how severe the leak is.

To tackle this problem, begin by turning off the water below the sink and closing off the drain. Then, get rid of the decorative cap hooked on the handle of your faucet, and the handle screw, too.

Remove the handle by pulling and unscrew the packing nut using a crescent wrench. After you unscrew the stem, take out and replace the seat washer that is held in position by a brass screw.

Lastly, remove the stem out of the packing nut and replace the O-ring, which may be the cause of the leak. After this, reassemble the faucet.

Apply Weather Stripping

Doors and windows usually come with weather stripping. These have lengths of rubber or metal with gaps, and still enable proper shutting and opening of window or door.

However, there may not be weather stripping on windows and doors of the lower-end. Also, weather stripping always wears out. So, even if there are enough weather stripping on your windows and doors, this is something you have to replace more often.

Weatherstripping is not particularly for windows and doors only. It can also be used in other areas too, like the air conditioner area, as well as spaces between entry and exit.

Check the Sump Pump

Sump pumps prevent water from the areas, such as your crawl space or basement. That protects your home from water damage that could lead to spending thousands of dollars on lost belongings and clean-up.

Inspect and replace your pump as necessary, and replace it if it refused to start promptly.

Save Energy through Programmable Thermostats Installation

Although programmable thermostats have been around for a while, they are turning more advanced almost every day.

This device could enable you to set and keep the desired temperature when you are at home relaxing and adjust the temperature to a comfortable temperature when you are sleeping.

Programmable thermostats can reduce energy bills by about $100, according to information found on Consumer Reports.

Flush Your Water Heater

This is an important task that should be on your home’s regular maintenance routine. Doing this at least once per year helps to make sure there is supply of hot water to your household, and also prevents corrosion from the water heater’s parts.

Sadly for many people, that corrosion causes breakage that can lead to spending thousands of dollars to repair.

Start the process by switching off the thermostat connected to your water heater. Proceed by switching the gas linked to it off, including the hot water supply.

Unplug your water heater from the electric outlet if it is electric. Then, turn the tap on in a sink or bathtub and allow it to run through this whole process.

This will prevent the formation of a vacuum in the lines as you perform draining of the hot water tank.

When you are set, grab your garden home and connect it to the drainage spigot on your water heater. Turn the spigot on and let any water drain out into a container.

When the water flows freely and with no sediment, turn on the cold water spigot to flush the water heater and let the water run till there is no sediment.

Lastly, turn the drainage spigot off, detach the hose, and switch everything back on.

Install Ceiling Fans (Energy-Efficient)

One other great way to reduce your energy cost is through the installation of energy-efficient ceiling fans, especially on the upper floors of your house where there is much heat at the ceiling.

The fans can disperse air to cool your home during the hot summer months and bring down the bring to the floor in cold winter months.

Update Your Kitchen

You can upgrade the appearance of your kitchen without spending your life savings. You only need to think thoroughly of creative ways to lift the face of your kitchen. For example, you can change the look of your kitchen using quality unassembled kitchen cabinets. You can also spend few amounts to get vintage cookware to add more charm to your kitchen.

Inspect Electrical Outlets and Cords for any Damage

Damaged or faulty outlets of electricity are the cause of most electrical fires. Check your home to inspect outlets, cables, and light switches for damage and fix them accordingly. Some of the things that need instant tackling are exposed wires, overloaded power strips, and faulty light switches.

Termite, Pest Prevention

One major problem that can cost a lot to fix like water damage is damage caused by pests. This may be chewing of your attic’s insulation by squirrels, or eating of your deck by carpenter ants; repairing such damages caused by pests can be costly.

But most homeowners experience costly damage from termite infestation. We suggest partnering with a good pest control company that can give your home relevant treatment against termites and then inspects it annually for damage so your home can be protected against termite damage.

These treatment types often cost below $500 and can provide you peace of mind that you won’t be seeing termite damage in the close future.

If you decide to let go of such preventive treatment, get ready to spend a lot on termite damage if they are in one way or the other make their way into your property, and most homeowners insurance doesn’t offer coverage on these damages, which can cost an average of $3,000 to fix. That’s around 600% higher than what a preventive treatment costs.

Use an Additional Layer of Insulation on Your Window

If you have one-pane windows, which are not much efficient with energy usage, this is highly essential. However, using clear window insulation can help you even if your windows are super-efficient, 3-pane.

Get this project right and you will be able to see clearly out of your window while you also weatherize them.

One other good but highly costly option for insulating windows across the year is the use of cellular shades, which improves window energy efficiency. Cellular shades look great and feature blackout or light-filtering options.

There are only a few cost-saving maintenance tasks that you should know. You can get most of these tasks done in a few hours each month.

Make a list of the tasks that you need to perform on monthly basis or annually and plan them on your calendar so you do them all.

Be In Control of Future Maintenance Tasks

Finally, there is home maintenance that is beyond noticing problems but to be proactive in handling maintenance will go a long way.

When it is about cracking foundation, dry rot, or pest infestations, the earlier you address a problem, the easier and affordable it will be to fix.

That is why you must be certain that you often examine your home, in and out, up and down, for possible problems.

You can fix some of these issues, while the rest need a professional approach. But if you hire a professional, you will possibly pay less if you figure out the problem than if you hold on till the situation is severe.

Final Words

We just discuss a few of the many cost-saving maintenance tasks that you should know. You can get most of these tasks done within a few hours each month.

Make a list of tasks that you must complete each month or annually and plan them on your calendar so you don’t miss any of them.

If you are moving into a new apartment, make sure you check all these issues before you take over the home.

We advise that this should be part of your new apartment checklist.

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