10 Best Ways To Lower The Cost of Moving

Moving takes time, cause stress, and is also expensive. The thought of settling in your new home gives you a lot of excitement. Even though this process takes time and effort, it doesn’t need to take all your money. Moving costs can give you a lot of stress, but there are various ways to cut this expense. When searching for ways to lower moving costs, you need to stay focused all the way.

10 Best Ways To Lower The Cost of Moving

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If you move fewer goods to your new house, your moving cost will be cheaper. You can sell online, in your yard, or recycle your decluttered stuff and then spend the money gotten from it on your moving to lower the cost further.

Below are some great tips on how to cut your moving costs and save your moving budget:

Get Rid of Stuff not needed

Before booking a mover, you should have performed a thorough decluttering of your home. This will not only give you a fresh start when you get to your new home but will also cut the cost of the number of items you are moving.

Your removal company will cost lesser when you move fewer belongings to your new home.

Gather as Many Free Moving Boxes as you can get before the Move

Buying new moving boxes can quickly add up your moving costs. Before you start packing, search for free moving supplies from different stores, community groups, online marketplaces, and your friends.

This process doesn’t only make it easier to find free boxes, but it is also a certain way of saving a huge amount on your moving expenses.

You can find moving boxes on Freecycle, Nextdoor.com, Craigslist, local Facebook groups, and U-Haul Box Exchange.

If you prefer an online search for free moving supplies, you can check big-box chains, schools, grocery stores, offices, local liquor stores, as well as recycling drop-off points.

You can ask your family, neighbors, and friends for any extra boxes they may not be used in their homes.

Read Where to find free moving boxes.

Be Flexible with your Moving Date

Your moving cost will be affected by the time of year as well as the day of the week that you choose to relocate. Stay away from summer, Friday, weekend, or bank holiday move, as these times are common for people moving house, which means that moving companies will increase their prices to meet the demand.

If possible, book your cross country moving company in advance with a not-fixed moving date. You will possibly get a better deal on your moving costs.

Ensure you obtain a moving quote just after decluttering your household goods, as having more items will cost you more when you move.

Pack Yourself

To be honest, self-packing a home in preparation for a move is not a fun task, but doing it will save you a lot of money. Hiring experts to handle your packing is so tempting, but self-pack is the best option if you are considering the budget.

If you are moving for this first time and are lost on where to begin, we have the great moving checklist to give you a heads-up in the best direction and reduce the time and stress you go through.

However, if you still believe you need help packing your home, try hiring a professional packer for just the delicate kitchenware instead of your entire home.

Packing these items is usually more difficult, so hiring a professional packer to help is what you need, and it also would be better if they start in this particular section of your home.

Obtain Quotes from Many Movers

Before you hire a moving company, ensure you’ve gotten moving quotes from a minimum of 3 movers.

Each moving cost estimator should perform an in-home inspection or a video survey of your household goods before they provide you a moving quote.

Don’t forget, if you are moving to another state or across the country, the cost of the move will be based on the weight of your goods. So make sure you inform the estimator of the items you plan to and not plan to move to make sure they provide you a possible accurate quote.

Check Moving Feedback’s extensive network of moving companies to hire a reputable, insured, and licensed professional.

Hire an Affordable Mover

Without a doubt, hiring a cheap moving company is one of the best ways to move affordably. You need to know that there are no two professional movers that charge a similar fee for their services, so you need to make a comparison of at least three moving quotes to pick the one that favors your moving budget.

Finding a low-cost mover is always a bonus to you but remember that lower moving rates in some cases may be an indication of poor services too. And although you are certainly moving on a budget, it is even clearer that you still need top-quality moving services.

Sell Your Unwanted Goods

A cross-country move can be so costly, and as you need ways to save cost on your move, the most brilliant move will be to sell those things you’ve decided not to move to the new home.

You will be able to add new cash to your moving budget this way. Throw a successful yard sale or arrange an online sale to make cash from the things you no longer want.

When you have more money to spend, things will be easier on you all through the move.

In reality, moving fewer goods doesn’t only imply a reduced cost for haulage but also reduced expenses for packing supplies.

Ask Friends for Help

This is another simple means to lower moving costs. Ask your friends to help you when packing and/or when moving heavy items like furniture, appliances, boxes, and many more.

Rather than paying professional packers to help you on a moving day, you can save a lot by involving friends in your moving-related tasks.

Contact your friends as early as possible, give them sandwiches, snacks, and refreshing drinks, and also promise to be available when they need you too.

Consider Making a SelfMove

You are almost ready to move out, and you seriously need cheap ways to move. And, based on the value of the average relocation costs, you are doing the right thing.

If moving a short distance, you have experience in moving house before, and you know your friends will be available when you need their help importantly, then arranging a DIY move won’t be a bad idea. These may include:

  • Rent a moving truck or borrow a friend’s pick-up
  • Pack up your items by yourself
  • Move your belongings with the help of your friends.

And remember to consider the different hidden costs and expenses associated with a DIY move.

Cut Your Relocation Expenses from Your Taxes

Keep those receipts associated with your move. You could save a lot in taxes on the upcoming tax season based on your move.

Turbo tax says that if you move to another location due to work, you could be eligible to use Form 3903 of IRS to claim your moving expenses costs, as a deduction on your income tax return from the federal government.

Taxpayers are allowed by the IRS to deduct qualified relocation costs from the taxable income they provide on Form 1040.

Read more on TurboTax’s guide online to figure out further information on handling moving expenses.


The most important thing is to be calm while the entire process will be completed in no time. I know of people who move once per year, and they always manage to survive. I am certain that you have what it takes to organize and execute your next move and still survive to share the experience.

With these tips on how to reduce your moving cost, you are sure of saving a huge sum of amount on your move. Good Luck!

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